With the semester coming to a close and summer vacation just around the corner, you may be wanting to try new foods and explore different locations. Just by browsing Instagram, I discovered these two Asian cuisine locations that I recommend trying!

Gogogiri – Food: 10/10 | Atmosphere: 10/10 | Price: 7/10

I’m a huge fan of onigiri! I used to buy my onigiri from Mitsuwa Marketplace, but they started selling a different brand, which I’ve found to be a disappointment. When looking for an alternative to this savory, triangular rice ball, I discovered Gogogiri on Instagram.

The Dallas location is only 10 minutes away from campus. Not only was it easy to park, but the atmosphere was very relaxing and quiet. There were TV’s set up around the restaurant, including at the booths. I watched some “Amazing World of Gumball” while waiting for my food.

The wait didn’t take long! There were lots of smells in the air while things were being cooked, which really stirred up my appetite. I ordered a tuna onigiri and a fried shrimp onigiri. Both complimented each other very well, as they both offered something different. The tuna onigiri was very salty and the mayonnaise made it super creamy. Meanwhile, the fried shrimp onigiri was super crunchy and had a hint of spice. Although I loved both, tuna onigiri is always my favorite no matter the location.

Gogogiri is separate from campus and has booths to divide yourself from other people, and it also has free WiFi, which makes it a good place to work. Plus, if you’re not in the mood for onigiri, Gogogiri also sells bao, burgers, and Hawaiian BBQ. Gogogiri has some of the best onigiri I’ve ever tried, so I’ll definitely be frequenting here!

Uncle Zhou – Food 7/10 | Atmosphere: 9/10 | Price: 6/10

Uncle Zhou is a Chinese restaurant in Plano, and as most Chinese restaurants do, Uncle Zhou had a lot of Chinese decorations including some lanterns and Chinese art hanging on the walls.

The restaurant had a wide range of options to choose from and I struggled to decide on what to order. Eventually, I ordered the shrimp fried rice and the roast braised chicken. I also brought a friend to come try the food with me, and they ordered the beef noodle soup. While we talked and waited for our food, the waiters were attentive with us and always ensured that we were getting the service we needed, asking if our waters needed to be refilled and if we were happy with our food.

First came my shrimp fried rice and the beef noodle soup. Although I love fried rice, there wasn’t anything about this dish that really made it memorable, as it was mostly the same as many other Chinese restaurants I’ve had fried rice at. However, I really liked the soft yet squishy texture of the shrimp. Then I had the chicken which, although I finished it, I wasn’t a huge fan of. It had your standard chicken taste, but it was also cold for the most part. But since Uncle Zhou has many other menu options to choose from, it might entice me to come back here again with family so I can try more of their food.