Gavin: It’s crazy that I’m actually leaving AMP after letting this silly little magazine take over my life for two years. What am I supposed to do now, not think about sexy Temoc — uh, I mean, not think about magazine production every day? But seriously, working at AMP has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have no idea how I tripped and fell into the Editor-in-Chief position, but I’m so grateful. I feel like AMP and I have grown so much from when I first joined to now, and that’s something to be proud of. Not just me, though; I hope all our Execs are proud, because this has been a group effort through and through. (I know you’re reading this, and I love you guys!) And to our readers: thank you, Comets, for always supporting us. I hope you’re as excited as I am for what our future Exec team has in store!

Agnes: It’s really weird to think about leaving AMP. I can confidently say that working as the Web Editor and writing articles have been some of the best parts of my time here in college! I remember pitching my first article and being so surprised that someone wanted to publish a silly satire about how terrible stan Twitter is, and was just so happy to have found a place that lets people write about whatever interests them (something I certainly took full advantage of). I’m so grateful for the experiences that I’ve gained and the memories I’ve made while working here. I want to say thank you so much for supporting us, and I can’t wait to see just how much AMP and our future exec team will grow in the future. I urge you to go ahead and pitch whatever article idea that pops into your head, because it just might be one of the best decisions you make! 

Victoria: I can’t believe it, AMP is ending forever… for me. I distinctly remember struggling to use InDesign for the first time and having the rest of my team surround my computer to walk me through it. It makes me wonder what my college experience would be if I never saw the Instagram post with 17 likes calling for new hires. Some of my best memories are from my time here – I might throw up a little bit with how much I am going to miss working alongside my amazing team. All the late night weekends spent with the funniest crew of people and learning some quirky fun facts to share with my other friends. I can already tell I am going to be the annoying old lady who only talks about her college student media memories. 

Thank you all for bearing witness to all my growth and mistakes. Rest assured, the future of AMP is bright!