Gavin Arriaga (he/him) Editor-In-Chief

senior | marketing

I am being so normal right now.

Sneha Raghavan (she/her) Managing Editor

junior | its, crwt

Every season should be iced peppermint mocha season.

Victoria Bruno (she/her) Art Director

senior | marketing

Top contender of being the smartest person alive during the Paleolithic period.

Sasha Wuu (he/they) Marketing Director

sophomore | atec

Doing things and/or stuff, probably

Agnes Garrett (she/her) Web and Copy Editor

senior | literature 

firm believer in the fact that sam and mercedes should’ve ended up together on glee. yes, this is me admitting to being a gleek.

André Averion (he/him) Distribution Manager

junior | psychology

Someone with Pogonophobia is in therapy because of me

Shreya Parimal (she/they) Assistant Copy Editor

junior | neuroscience

i love bio

Mickey Dolphin (they/them) Assistant Marketing Director

junior | atec

Bloodborne (2015) made me transgender but not in a way that’s comprehensible