Ricky’s Hot Chicken:

If you like spicy food and chicken in many different forms, you need to try Ricky’s Hot Chicken. And if you don’t like either of those things, try having better taste. Located a 10-minute drive from campus, Ricky’s has amazingly savory Nashville chicken for a price range of around $9-$13. They also do large orders for families priced at around $35. At Ricky’s, you get a choice of tenders, wings, nuggets, or a quarter bird for your chicken option. They have vinegar slaw or fries as a side and you can also eat your chicken with their delicious comeback sauce. The best part of Ricky’s is their seasoning; once you try it, you will be back for more. And for those of you that like to adjust spice levels, they have theirs listed from ‘No heat” to “A-Bomb.” If you’re trying Ricky’s for the first time and you like spice, I would recommend getting Medium; if you don’t like spice you should stick with getting Mild. Also, Ricky’s is Halal and peanut and dairy-free, for those with those specific dietary restrictions. 

OMG Tacos: 

If you’re looking to get tacos, rice bowls, quesadillas, and much more, try, OMG Tacos. Located about 10-15 minutes away from UT Dallas, OMG Tacos serves food late into the night, which is perfect for every sleep-deprived, night owl college student. Their most popular items are their tacos which have chicken, pork, beef, barbacoa and vegetarian options. They also have elotes, churros, chips & guac, salsa, and queso. The options are literally endless, and everything is priced at around $2 (for one taco) to $11. Also, they have happy hour and taco tuesdays specials where their prices are much cheaper, which is always a plus. One of the really cool things about OMG Tacos is the ambiance inside the restaurant. Now that covid restrictions have been lifted, you can choose to dine-in, which I highly recommend (while social-distancing inside). They have really cool lights, plants, and a big glowing LED sign that reads “I HAVE MIXED DRINKS ABOUT FEELINGS.” It’s a perfect location to hang out and have a photoshoot with your friends. There’s also a bar— for our 21+ audience— that has loads of creative drinks for you to try. All in all, OMG Tacos is a great place to try for a late night meal, a fun date, or a taco night with friends.