Tonight’s the biggest party of the year and everyone is going to be there, including your crush. Having fun is on the agenda tonight, so where are you?

a. In the middle of the dance floor, of course. You’re the life of the party and all eyes are on you. You’re on fire!

b. Rizzing up your crush, duh! This is your chance to make a move.

c. Staring at your crush longingly from a distance. You’re only here because they are.

d. Watching from the sidelines. You’re only talking to your friends and dreading the homework that you know is waiting for you at home.

You’ve got some time to kill between classes. What’s your favorite campus spot?

a. The gym! Let’s get these gains!

b. The plinth – it’s definitely no secret, but you like watching all the people who pass by.

c. The underground tunnels that may or may not be under Berkner Hall…

d. The ECSW rooftop terrace, you love the fresh air up there.

Finally! You’re finished with all your homework and caught up on all your lectures. What do you do on your free day?

a. Hang out with the entire student body, your favorite pastime!

b. Go on long walks by yourself and explore new areas.

c. Catch up on the newest edition of AMP! You’ve been waiting for this.

d. Very funny, you’re never done with your homework. Time to hit the books again…

How would your friends describe you in one word?

a. Fun-loving

b. Sweetheart

c. Mischievous

d. Intelligent

What are you looking for in a soulmate?

a. Someone who’s just as down for anything as you are! You want to live life to the fullest.

b. Someone who’ll love you and take care of you forever. Loyalty is very important to you.

c. Someone you can match wits and banter with, a little playful competition never hurt anyone!

d. Someone you can talk about your interests with! They’re stable and kind. Definitely marriage-material. 

Poof! You were reading your favorite book when you were suddenly transported to that world. Which book character are you now?

a. The swashbuckling and sword-fighting hero who fears nothing.

b. The potion-seller who would do anything to save their family.

c. The misunderstood villain who seeks revenge on those who wronged them.

d. The wise and noble king, bestowing justice upon his subjects.

Oh no! All your clothes have gone up in flames! Oh well, time to go shopping. What type of clothes will you buy?

a. Athleisure – comfort and quality. You’re looking cool and feeling good.

b. Sleek and modern clothes. You’re all about the style.

c. Vintage pieces that you can mix and match. Eclectic? Yes please!

d. Tried-and-true basics. You can never go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt.

Your crush is coming to pick you up for the first time. As soon as you get in the car, they hand you the aux. You’ve got one shot to impress them. What type of music are you playing?

a. Rap music, you know all the words by heart and you know your crush does too.

b. R&B, ohhhhhh yeah. Lush and soft, there’s nothing that sounds better.

c. Smooth jazz. Is there anything more romantic than a crooning saxophone?

d. Lofi hip-hop. No lyrics necessary! It’s the perfect backdrop for a conversation with your crush.

Your crush finally asked you out! What do you want to do on your first date?

a. Bowling, laser tag, go-karting, gaming – it doesn’t matter. You just love being active and spontaneous.

b. Staring deep into each other’s eyes and bonding with their soul.

c. A cheese-tasting extravaganza, complete with friendly bickering over which one tastes the best. You have so many opinions, and you just love cheese.

d. Going on all the rides at an amusement park, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, skydiving! Heights excite and thrill you.

Congratulations, you just won a million dollars! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

a. Hiking in the mountains. The air is so fresh, you can feel it practically burning your lungs.

b. Paris, France! The romance capital of the world, need I say more?

c. A food-tasting tour. You love trying new cuisines and cheeses, and you’re always looking for the next best thing.

d. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is calling your name… you’ve only ever dreamt about buildings that high.

After many years, you’re finally engaged! You’re over the moon with excitement. Looking back, how did the proposal go?

a. It was a complete surprise! Your friends and family were there, and you couldn’t hold back your tears as your partner professed their love for you in a grand gesture you’ll never forget.

b. You proposed to them! You loved them so much, and you knew it was time for the next step. You promised them that you’d be by their side forever and ever.

c. Somehow, you guessed what was going to happen. “Wait, are you proposing to me right now?” You asked. The answer was yes, yes they were.

d. It was an intimate proposal, but it was perfect. In the privacy of your partner’s company, you accepted, and all your dreams came true in that moment.



MOSTLY As: Your soulmate is Temoc! Congratulations! The hottest jock on campus is now yours, but not to worry – when it comes to your soulmate, looks can be deceiving. Temoc may look like a flaming hunk of rock, but he’s so much more. He’s sweet, kind, and caring with a humorous side. Temoc is a total sweetheart who wants nothing more than to make you happy. Expect fiery public declarations of love, gym dates on the daily (he’s most definitely going to want to match outfits with you), and spontaneous random adventures. You and Temoc are going to have the time of your lives!

MOSTLY Bs: Tobor is waiting for YOU! They’ve had their eye on you ever since they saw you, and couldn’t help but follow you around like a puppy dog since. They’ll bring you snacks and drinks, and will wander new paths with you. Class, work, or even studying on campus, Tobor’s happy to accompany you wherever you want to go! Fear not, you’ll have the most amazing dates (they’ve always been a hopeless romantic) and you’ll get to know each other on a completely new, deeper level. Make them yours this Valentine’s Day by asking them out, and see how they sweep you away!

MOSTLY Cs: Hi, I’m Ratford. It’s so nice to meet you! So, you’re my soulmate. Interesting. I had to head over here to see you for myself. You’re pretty cute, but you must be wondering why I’m here. Don’t tell the editors I rewrote this part… they had a whole paragraph about me, but I could tell you about myself better than they could! I love exploring new places and trying new things (especially food), and  as your soulmate, I solemnly swear to always give you the last slice of cheese, support all your mischievous shenanigans, and quiz you over all my AMP publications. Why, you ask? Because, well, you’re my soulmate too! But don’t worry, we’ll have a blast, promise! 

MOSTLY Ds: Meet Enarc, the brooding senior who kind of just wants to graduate. Don’t be fooled by her cold demeanor — once she warms up to you, she’s loyal for life. Some of the things she loves to do are sightseeing (but her favorite view is you), exploring high places (she’s unfazed by heights), looking at construction (she says the noise is like ASMR), and studying. Well, maybe she doesn’t like studying, but she sure spends a lot of time doing it! When she’s not studying you, of course. She’s cool, calm, collected, and has a mysterious aura surrounding her. Take her out to her favorite rooftop! She’s just waiting to divulge her secrets…