Heya, Comets! “Spring Break was too fast” may be a common sentiment, and in this case it’s too true. With the last couple months of the semester underway, remember to lock in to the capitalist grindset, as is mandatory for any regular person who lives in this godforsaken country.

Also, the Pub is dead. They killed her.

Speaking on a topic people actually care about, TikTok might also be dead soon, although it’s important to clarify that the federal TikTok ban hasn’t gone to the Senate yet (at the time of writing). Nonetheless, the end of winter might be a sign of an oncoming social media winter, so be ready to bundle up with your favorite VPN and a blanket knit from all your dead hopes and dreams. It’s a rather infuriating turn of events, too — while Congressional representatives are citing ties to the “Chinese surveillance state” in this decision, plenty of users stand convinced that it’s primarily a move to suppress the youth voice in politics, particularly with regards to the Zionist genocide against Palestine. Sounds a little reminiscent of a certain group of rocks, doesn’t it?

On a further serious note, we’re keenly aware of the tragic loss of multiple students within the past several weeks. Especially considering the news that at least one of these was a suicide, we at AMP want to remind you, dear reader: you are not alone. Your struggles are valid, but you are loved, and if you or someone close to you is battling depression and mental illness we encourage you to seek help. The Student Counseling Center offers counseling and psychiatric care, and for immediate attention you can reach their crisis hotline at 972-UTD-TALK or the national hotline at 988.

Things might seem to be looking down after this past month, and quite frankly, that’s because they are. In a sociopolitical context, that’s something that needs to change — now’s a good time to call Texas representatives, especially senators, and to keep an eye on the presidential primaries. But as you advocate for change, remember to slow down in a more personal context. Sometimes it’s okay to take a little time to feel down, to feel the loss in our lives and communities. To that end, we suggest you take it easy and call your loved ones. Maybe do something nice for a friend. Let the people you care about know you’re thinking of them.
Stay safe, Comets. If for nothing else, then for your friends at AMP.