In past years, the AMP editorial board has come together to endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary. This year, though, we discovered that not all of us agreed on who was worthy of our coveted endorsement. We all have different opinions on who should lead the Democratic ticket against Donald Trump this November, but while discussing our options, we discovered the one thing we could really agree on: Joe Biden should not be president.

Trump, of course, is a problem, and to any problem there is a solution that is clear, simple, and wrong. Joe Biden is exactly that solution. In some ways, putting Obama’s VP up against Trump appears to be a solid choice — we can’t have Obama again, so Biden is the logical next best thing, right? Joe Biden, though, is a relic snatched straight from some museum of microaggressions, wrapped in an expensive suit and carted to the front of the Democratic party primaries. Everything in his platform smacks of middle-ground fallacy and political cowardice.

He lags behind other candidates on almost every other issue. His public college ideas involve two free years whereas other favorites like Warren and Sanders promise free four-year public colleges. He also has more conservative views on things like healthcare and immigration. With healthcare, he sides with conservatives against programs like Medicare for All. His immigration policies are similarly problematic; he supports leaving in place the statute that Trump used to separate families at the border. Unlike his competitors, he also wants to boost our defense budget and keep our military deployed overseas. While he follows his opponents on corporate taxes, he doesn’t want to raise them to Obama-era rates. He’s also openly declared that he’s in favor of “finding a middle ground” on issues of climate change — because a planet-wide existential threat to humanity is something to take a moderate approach to, right?

Biden’s policy positions aren’t the only reason we chose to un-dorse him. He’s… unhinged. Watching him speak is like watching his brain melt out of his ears in real time. He makes gaffe after gaffe, Freudian slip after Freudian slip, and keeps crossing lines that are pretty hard to pretend you didn’t cross. Some of his physical conduct around women colleagues caused controversy and brought years of weird behaviors like kissing and sniffing his female colleagues to the attention of mainstream news outlets. His word vomit comes off as both creepy and racist. From his stories about kids fondling the hair on his legs, to him saying blatantly racist things like how “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” it’s clear that he’s often better off keeping his mouth shut.

Biden is a creepy, racist old man whose policies are more aligned with those of the GOP than his own party’s platform. His positions don’t do enough to counter the work of Trump, and his personal conduct is questionable at best. Trump is a complicated problem and merits a strong, thoughtful solution. And while we at AMP may not agree on the best approach, we can agree that we deserve a better solution than Joe Biden.