Hello my darlings! I hope 2020 is treating you well and you are surrounded by the people you love. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means absolutely nothing because it is solely made for corporate America to capitalize on and love isn’t real. Anyways, here’s your love reading!


You’ve been feeling kinda lonely recently, haven’t you? And I don’t mean companionship — you’ve been feeling disconnected from your folks and impostor syndrome has been setting in. Because you’ve been too reliant on your friends to reach out, you’ve forgotten that it works both ways. Learn to be more intentional with your relationships. 


Someone hurt you and it left you feeling empty to a certain extent. No matter how big or small the heartache, you are still going through something of a loss, and your feelings are valid. Know that it is OK to be sad and that you need to stop looking at yourself as a project. You will feel content one day, but you need to manage by focusing on each day individually, not by squeezing a week’s worth of work into a day as a distraction. 


You’ve been gaining a good amount of confidence as of late because of all the wins you’ve experienced. That’s good! Let this be your guide for when you need to make important choices. The recent eclipse is causing major transitions in your life and it is forcing you to be put on the spot. This may include choosing some people over others. Have you been settling? Are you being brutally honest with yourself? Reminder that the relationships in your life are merely a reflection of yourself. 


This is a life-changing year for you, to say the least. This year is all about letting go of certain expectations that you have been holding for yourself. Please be grateful for who you are and the life you have; everything happens for a reason and the universe intended to put you where you are right now. Love yourself! You’re doing amazing. 🙂


Leo, you’ve been yearning for something permanent, something stable. If you’re talking to  someone right now, take this as a sign that it’s worth it to take the leap! Do it! Commit! You will be so happy — but don’t overthink this commitment. If you’re single, have you put anyone in the friend zone recently? Maybe it’s time you revisit them. And no, I am not telling you to “settle” or “pity” anyone, I just feel like you are hasty at times when it comes to love and don’t know how to deal with emotions firsthand. Take time to reconsider things. 


Love requires patience, hard work, and mutual respect. Virgo, you are aware of that and keep your head out of the clouds, but sometimes, you need to realize that if love has died, then love is dead. Stop beating a dead horse and trying to make something out of something that isn’t there. There are so many people out there and you will find somebody. It’s time for you to give up on carrying the burden of the relationship. If you aren’t ready to give up on someone, remember that a relationship is built on strong ground, and maybe you need to take a look at any cracks that may have formed in your foundation. 


You and a loved one have been experiencing pent-up frustration, but 2020 is the year you deal with all conflicts headfirst. The problem is that you lack motivation, and this is true in all aspects of your life. Practice being more proactive and intentional. If you feel some anger or resentment toward a loved one, talk to them about it. Be proactive by addressing your issues first instead of sitting around and waiting for them to pass. If you don’t address issues, you might feel the past being delved into unnecessarily, and we all know that you don’t want that. 


You’ve been single for a while, huh Scorpio? Well, if you want to get out there and start talking to people again, just know that you have the entire universe wholeheartedly supporting you. The most powerful way to attract people is with your mind; everyone loves how mysterious and magical you are. The planets will align to empower your mind and boost confidence, giving you the ability to think big and make bold interactions. Don’t be surprised by how others are truly mesmerized by what you have to say. 


If you are single and you’ve been looking to meet someone, I’m going to be honest with you. Now is not the time to get out there and meet new people. You aren’t the most responsible when it comes to your love life; you either overdo it or pull back too quickly. You need to work on finding a balance first and understand your needs and desires before you get out there again. It’s just smart to know what you want out of your next relationship. 


You’ve had it really rough the past couple of years, with two major eclipses falling on your planet, Saturn. You were forced into difficult situations in 2019 and several relationships were ripped out of your life. You didn’t even recognize who you are or what your life was by the end of 2019. Your old self died in 2019, and you enter 2020 with hope, shedding your old skin. You’ll also be more positive about potential relationships this year. You won’t be as pessimistic, which is always a good thing. The planets will align to empower you to love another as deeply as you can. It will be beautiful. 


Happy birthday, Aquarius! You are so loved and you deserve an amazing birthday. This year, a major overhaul is coming your way. You will fall in love — possibly — but in order for that to happen, you need to “take out the trash” by making amends, cutting toxic people out of your life, and being able to differentiate between fake and real. You can tend to be a clout chaser at times, always going after whatever is shiny. This will lead to your own downfall and I don’t want to see you outright fall on your face. Be humble and stop stressing about how others perceive you. 


You are driven by feelings and emotions and tend not to use your brain. This also leads you to absorb the feelings of the people surrounding you, which burdens you with their pain, anger, sadness, etc. This can only lead you to explode, forcing you to take it out on your own love life. This year starts off with a massive reality check for your relationships. Although the love is there, ask yourself: Is it enough? Is it the true emotional connection that you crave from another half? You are second guessing yourself, which also means it’s time to rethink your future. 

Muthuveera Miraimalai (junior | atec)

Just an earthy gal. Capricorn sun, Cancer moon, and Capricorn rising.