Aries: Have patience. TAs can only work so many hours a week! Give it a day or two before you start sending nagging emails.

Taurus: Trust your intuition, but not as much as you trust Google. Especially if trusting your intuition is what got you lost in JSOM in the first place.

Gemini: Ego is a double-edged sword, and you need to humble yourself before you get hurt. Quit waiting until the last second to start your homework.

Cancer: Struggling with school this spring’s mid-semester season of screenings? Seek out some scholarly earth signs to supplement your study sessions.

Leo: Avoid Geminis this month. Like, more so than usual.

Virgo: If you don’t start regularly using a to-do list, your forgetfulness is going to catch up to you pretty soon. Did you apply to that thing yet? 

Libra: Remember that creativity is a skill, not a talent. You’ll never become the greatest Temoc fanartist to walk the halls of ATEC overnight. 

Scorpio: It can be difficult to stay silent when class discussions get heated. So don’t! Put that one annoying guy in his place. It’ll be totally worth the look on his face.

Sagittarius: You know, the Student Counseling Center offers free therapy and psychiatric services (they can’t diagnose you with ADHD, but they can refer you to a specialist in the area). Just saying.

Capricorn: Accept that not all secrets are meant to remain hidden — especially prime study spots. Other people also like the couch desks on the third floor of the library, and that’s ok!

Aquarius: Your inner world is in turmoil right now… so if you don’t want any bathroom trouble, you should probably avoid the dining hall today.

Pisces: Remember that college is a marathon, not a sprint! But either way, you should seriously be drinking more water.