Literature Majors: an answer for what you’ll do with that degree

Visual & Performing Arts Majors: a driver’s license

ATEC Majors: a Ram Anime Body Pillow

Any BBS Major: actual therapy so you don’t have to go to class for it

Economic Majors: a new pair of suspenders and glasses

Political Science Majors: a winning argument against your dad

Sociology Majors: a used copy of Civilization 5

Biomedical Engineering Majors: freedom from helicopter parent expectations

Healthcare Studies Majors: Decision Making Skills

Education Majors: fair wages

Accounting Majors: a personality

STEM Majors (Specifically Math Majors): a friend

Biology Majors: a day off

Computer Science Majors: a new hoodie to wear to death. Again.

Physics Majors: courage to ask for recommendation letters

Business Analytic Majors: a reality check

If your major isn’t on this list, then Temoc will bestow you with an ace on your final exams this semester!