Happy Spring, Comets! The weather is always changing here in Texas, but March is known for being the start of spring so we’re going to celebrate it.

Changing weather has us thinking about our climate, which unfortunately is suffering from a lot of environmental damage. UT Dallas has taken quite a few measures to be a more environmentally conscious university. There’s composting available for food in the dining hall and recycling options all over campus. Our classroom and administrative buildings are “green buildings” that are energy efficient, and the Office of Sustainability assists in making UTD more and more eco-conscious.

Since we attend such an environmentally conscious school, it’s important that we Comets also do what we can to be green. If you live on campus, you can get recycling bins and use the trash stationed near your dorm/apartment. All members of our community can also reuse as much as they can. Glass product bottles purchased don’t need to be thrown away once they’re finished, they can be repurposed as flower vases, cups, and much more. Dallas may not be the best city for public transportation, however, we’re also not the worst, and it’s a better option for the environment than driving a car. The DART buses and trains are great ways to get around the city. Especially if you’re intending on going downtown, the train is a great alternative to driving. It also helps that UT Dallas provides DART passes for students currently enrolled in the semester. Not only will you be reducing your own personal carbon footprint, but you’ll also be saving tons of money by avoiding using gas and Ubers.

It’s important to note our individual decisions to recycle and use eco-friendly transportation will never outweigh the damage done by large corporations. The oil and gas industry has few regulations that prevent them from creating irreversible damage. However, that’s just one more thing we can fight to have.